Carmen is a rare talent that combines true business leadership with a passionate desire to build consumer brands that are timeless. He has an infectious curiosity and a passion for developing immersive insights into consumer needs and growing brands across multiple markets.

He developed these building brands skills over 20 years working in over 60 markets. Carmen is a true global executive whose success has been honed through experience, curiosity and teamwork.”
— Michael McShane: CEO, Swift and Moore Beverages

Case Study: Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur

The Chambord business had stalled globally, with gains in one market offset by another, threatening the underlying valuation model. Compounding the issue was the three primary markets, each taking the brand in a different direction, with the color purple as the only common element. I was given oversight of the brand and charged with setting a new path and growing shareholder value.

  • Created a global strategy for Chambord liqueur aligning three regional positions and campaigns.

  • Developed and launched a new omnichannel campaign "Because No Reason" that won a D&AD Pencil.

  • Grew top and bottom line profit for the brand, the first time since acquisition.


After reconciling three different positionings and brand promises, we moved onto creative. The brief, co-created with the markets and our AOR, Wieden + Kennedy, defined the challenge as “We’ve got to break free of the ’ingredient spell’ by giving Chambord a clear meaning in people’s (everyday) life.”

Using our uniqueness to tell the story, leveraging “Frenchness”  and avoiding luxury and female-targeted marketing clichés, we landed on our mission: Any time people are about to not be themselves, Chambord will be there to empower them to do what they like. With this, we launched the new global campaign "Because No Reason."

These recently produced “How-to-Mix” videos build on the social media design aesthetic, adding depth and texture to the Chambord world.