Internally Recognized and Externally Awarded

As more companies rely on matrix organizational structures to manage globally dispersed businesses, the development of impactful communication strategies might be perceived as a complicated process, leading to delays and missed opportunities. Overcoming structural challenges with new methods and approaches might streamline decision-making but require new forms of measuring success to build support while maintaining the creative impact of ideas.

Jonathon Ive, Apple’s head of design, describes the company’s new headquarters this way, it makes for an impressive statistic, but you don’t live in an impressive statistic. While it is a technical marvel, that’s not the achievement. The value, he argues, is not what went into the building — it’s what will come out.”
— Steven Levy: Wired Magazine (2017)

The deluge of data is exciting and equally misleading if perceived as a substitute for sound marketing practices. Likewise, collaboration without the context of a unifying vision and a precise measurement of success will easily distract the most integrated teams. Recalibrating teams to the fundamental questions of creative evaluation include: Is the work compelling? Is it consistent with the brand's purpose? Is it able to cut through the marketing noise? And, is it coherent to the target audience? These might be basic questions, but they require unpacking into supporting ideas, defining the starting point of any global marketing effort.

While new tools and structures might 'come and go,' the answer is in a leader's ability to inspire and manage global and local points-of-view and efficiently identify the appropriate measurements of success. My recognition for marketing excellence emanates from a creative–analytical ethos, supporting the environment and processes that allow teams to innovate and fail successfully — internally recognized and externally awarded.

Carmen’s sense of design, eye for detail and appreciation for craft makes him an invaluable leader and collaborator to his internal teams and agency partners. His strategic leadership abilities and agility balancing the needs of global brand teams and local market teams were invaluable in moving ideas from concept to creation.”
— Wade Devers: ECD Managing Partner, Arnold Worldwide